About Me


My treatment approach

Working along side new parents and families to help them fully experience one of life's biggest transitions is an honor and privilege.  I am passionate about dispelling myths and easing the shame that frequently accompanies perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.  


I view myself as a partner on your journey to wellness; someone to bear witness to the truth of your pain and rejoice in your successes along the way, too.  I believe that mental health care can be a transformative experience and an investment in yourself. Personally, and professionally, I see the lasting effect on individuals who have the opportunity to speak their own truth, and be fully seen and heard.

I work from an empowerment perspective which means I work along side each client, assisting them to gain insight and a greater understanding of their own selves and experiences. Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivation Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy, I assist people in taking control of their own life and making the decisions that are best for them.  

I see myself as an ally and partner in the therapeutic process, walking along side each person I serve as they explore their authentic selves. I hold space for everyone to explore their true emotions, without fear of judgement or rejection.


My truth

As a mom and therapist, I know first-hand the necessity for support. I've felt the struggle and lived the loss. I'm no stranger to grief and trauma and my professional background has focused heavily on individuals facing major life challenges. Finding the way to embrace the imperfections of life has shaped my personal and professional journey.

My passion for serving others began while working with individuals experiencing domestic and sexual violence.  I was given the distinct privilege of getting to know survivors along their journeys toward safety and health.  Being able to walk along side them helped me develop the belief that all people deserve to be heard without fear of judgement or rejection.  The time spent working with these survivors has informed my approach as a therapist; empowering individuals to live their most healthful and fulfilling lives. 

Going through the transition (often struggling) to becoming a mother and watching my peers and closest friends struggle just the same,  has further developed my desire to serve women during this period.  My passion remains: serving women. I am thrilled to bring my experience, education, and training to private practice, providing a unique space and opportunity for new mamas to explore and discover the best version of themselves.  



My Professional Background

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (CA License # LCSW81127) specializing in the treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety for disorders for new moms and dads.  I received my B.A. in Human Development with an emphasis in Children and Family Services, from California State University, San Marcos.  After providing individual counseling to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, and working on a Federal grant project to develop and coordinate Sexual Assault Response Teams in rural communities, I went on to earn my master's degree in Social Work, with an emphasis in mental health from the University of Southern California.  Post master's, I have obtained advanced training and experience serving individuals with acute mental health conditions in an inpatient psychiatric unit.  I have  additionally obtained advanced training in the treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorder through Postpartum Support International as well as Maternal Mental Health NOW.