What is Telehealth

Some individuals' situations can make in-person therapy difficult to maintain due to physical or personal limitations. Telehealth, or the provision of healthcare remotely, can be an option to alleviate some of the barriers to traditional in-person therapy.  Telehealth provides one-on-one mental health treatment from the comfort of your own home, office, or other private location.  Utilizing a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer we can connect via a private, HIPAA compliant platform . Telehealth maintains a personal connection between you and your therapist in way that makes therapy convenient and safe.  

Is it right for you?

Telehealth can be an opportunity to overcome limitations, such as schedules, lack of transportation, or health conditions.  For others, in-person therapy is preferable.  Telehealth may even be covered by your insurance company.  To find out if Telehealth may be right for you, call to find out more.